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  • Cambodia solid waste and plastic management improvement project (Environmental and social commitment plan)

    Environmental and Social Commitment Plan sets out measures and actions that the recipient shall carry out including the timeframes of the actions, measures, institutional, staff...

  • Cambodia solid waste and plastic management improvement project (Environmental and social management framework)

    The Environmental and Social Management Framework document is the primary tool for assessing and managing environmental and social risks and the impacts of implementing solid an...

  • Get CLEAN and GREEN—Solid and Plastic Waste Management in Lao PDR

    This synthesis document summarizes the findings of this extensive analytical work and provides recommendations for change to support the outcomes of the National Green Growth St...

  • Solid Waste Management in Laos

    This presentation gives a profile of solid waste and management in Laos.

  • Love Laos, Keep it Clean.

    The web page give an overview of solid waste and waste management in Lao PDR.

  • Thailand’s Municipal Solid Waste Situation in 2016

    The amount of solid waste across Thailand is increasing every year. It was found that there was a total amount of 27.06 million tons of solid waste generated in Thailand, which ...

  • Solid waste management in Cambodia

    Solid waste management consists of two sectors: the formal operation and the informal scavenging activities. Because scavenging contributes to solid waste management economicall...

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