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Topics: Forest policy and administration

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  • Royal Decree Prescribing Works Relating to Occupation and Profession in which an Alien is Prohibited to Engage, B.E. 2522 (1979)

    This dataset has no description

  • Decree No. 117/2010/ND-CP on the organization and management of the special-use forest system

    This Decree provides for the organization and management of the special-use forest system in Viet Nam in order to conserve the forests’ ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as t...

  • Decision No. 186/2006/QD-TTg promulgating the Regulation on forest management

    The Decision provides for the creation, organization, production, management, use, maintenance, and conservation of Special-use Forests, Protection Forests and Production Forest...

  • The Environmental Conservation Law 2012 (The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. 9/2012)

    This dataset has no description

  • Vietnam Law on Forestry 2017

    This Law deals with management, protection, development and use of forests; forest products processing and trade.

  • Voluntary Partnership Agreement Between the European Union and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance And Trade

    VPA is a legally binding trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Vietnamese government. Under the VPA, Vietnam develops Timber Legality Assurance Systems (TLAS) to v...

  • Chain Saws Act, B.E. 2545 (2002)

    The reason for the proclamation of this Act at the present time is for the conservation of, and to maintain, the current Forest resources, especially through the prevention and ...

  • Community Forestry Act, B.E. 2562 (2019)

    Reasons and necessity of restricting the rights and freedoms of persons under this Act are to encourage the community to cooperate with the government in managing natural resour...

  • Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019)

    The reason for promulgating this Act is that the 1992 Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act has been in force for a long time and certain provisions and various measures in t...

  • Forest Law 2018

    Forest Law 2018 as amended, repeals the 1992 Forest Law.

  • Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act B.E. 2535 (1992)

    To amend the law on wildlife conservation and protection.

  • Decree On Sustainable Management Of Production Forest Areas No. 59/2002 [Lao PDR]

    This Decree covers the identification, establishment, management and use of Production Forest Areas (PFA) and the key principles for monitoring the implementation of sustainable...

  • Ministerial Regulation Concerning Labour Protection in Agricultural Work B.E. 2557 (2014)

    This dataset has no description

  • Forest Plantation Act B.E. 2535 (1992) and Revisions

    There shall be added a definition of “Forest by-product” between the definitions of “Plant” and “Sign” in section 3 of the Forest Plantation Act, B.E.2535 (1992).“ The land whic...

  • Land Development Act B.E. 2551 (2008)

    This Act aims to address policy making and planning of the utilization of lands to suit the condition of soil and to conform to the category of the classified land.

  • Agricultural Land Reform Act B.E. 2518 (1975)

    This Act improves concerning rights and holding of agricultural land, including allocation of places for living on such agricultural land, whereby the state bri...

  • Allotment of Land for Living Act B.E. 2511 (1968)

    The government shall have the power to do allotment of state land so that the people may have a site for housing and carry on occupation in a fixed place of such land ...

  • National Reserved Forest Act B.E. 2507 (1964) and Revisions

    This dataset has no description

  • National Park Act, B.E. 2504 (1961)

    This dataset has no description

  • Forest Act B.E. 2484 (1941)

    To modernise the law on forests;

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