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Topics: Climate change

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  • Myanmar's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) 2020 for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (12 July 2021)

    Myanmar has developed its NDC 2020 with more determined and detailed climate actions in both areas of mitigation and adaptation compared to the initial report, Intended National...

  • REDD+ Safeguards in Myanmar (MM)

    REDD+ is an international initiative to mitigate climate change by protecting, sustainably managing, and regenerating forests. This document summarizes the REDD+ international ...

  • National Green Growth Strategy of the Lao PDR till 2030

    The content of this strategic report explores and identifies mechanisms for integrating green growth into policies, strategies, and plans of sectors and localities in a systemat...

  • Global warming scapegoat: A new punishment measure imposed on indigenous peoples for practicing their sustainable traditional livelihood activities

    A brief about the Government of Thailand's arrest of two Karen farmers as they cleared fields for shifting cultivation, their traditional method of farming. The authors raise co...

  • Vulnerability Index to Climate Change and its Application for Community-level Risk Assessment in Thailand

    Based on the results analyzed in the provincial pilot sites, the PCVI could represent both spatial patterns and magnitudes of vulnerability of each community in consistence with...

  • Climate change vulnerability mapping for greater Mekong sub-region

    It is well recognized that the impacts of climate change pose a serious threat to socio-economic, environment, and people’s livelihoods,particularly those in developing cou...

  • Making FLEGT and REDD+ Work Together - EU REDD Facility Insights and Activities (2013-2017)

    This paper provides an overview of the EU REDD Facility's activities and achievements under its 2013-2017 strategy. It summarizes key insights that have emerged from the Facilit...

  • Drivers of Deforestation?Facts to be considered regarding the impact of shifting cultivation in Asia

    An estimated 260 million indigenous peoples live in Asia1. Most of them inhabit forested uplands where a large number of them practice shifting cultivation, which is also called...

  • REDD+ and Indigenous Peoples: A Briefing Paper for Policy Makers

    This report describes the process of REDD+, its implications for indigenous peoples, and its applications for policy makers and governments.

  • REDD+ and Indigenous Peoples: A briefing paper for policy makers

    This dataset has no description

  • Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in REDD+ for Indigenous Peoples - Training Manual

    This manual aims to build the capacities of the indigenous peoples, networks and organizations to advocate and work for the effective implementation of FPIC for indigenous peopl...

  • Asean, climate change, REDD+ and indigenous peoples

    Many Indigenous Peoples fear that the implementation of REDD+ may have the same impacts to them as the imposition of conservation areas such as national parks.

  • A Training Manual on Advocacy, Lobbying and Negotiation Skills for Indigenous Peoples in Climate Change and REDD+

    This manual aims to improve the existing skills of indigenous peoples on advocacy, lobbying and negotiations.

  • What is REDD+? A Guide for Indigenous Communities

    Global efforts are currently underway to protect and restore forests as part of global initiatives to address and mitigate climate change

  • Families affected by climate hazards 2016

    This screenshot of website contains records of number of families affected by climate hazards comprising storm, flood and drought in 2016 at province level, which was extracted ...

  • Impacts of 25 years of groundwater extraction on subsidence in the Mekong delta, Vietnam

    Many major river deltas in the world are subsiding and consequently become increasingly vulnerable to flooding and storm surges, salinization and permanent inundation. For the M...

  • Viet Nam: Environment and climate change assessment

    This environment and climate change thematic paper highlights development issues, needs, and strategic assistance priorities of Viet Nam and ADB, focusing on environmentally sus...

  • Monitoring the Quantity of Water Flowing Through the Upper Mekong Basin Under Natural (Unimpeded) Conditions

    This study developed a reliable and simple model that predicts the natural flow of the Upper Mekong, then used this prediction to determine how the cascade of dams built on the ...

  • The climate change response handbook for NGOs' staff and relevant institutions

    This handbook is intended to assist NGOs' staff and government agencies in training their partners on the causes, impacts, and responses to the climate change.

  • A Pan African Indigenous People's Conference on Adaptation & Mitigation

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