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Topics: Private land

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  • Prime Minister's Decree No. 03 / PM dated 25/06/1996 on the continuation of land allocation and land allocation - Delivering forests

    To make the land a valuable natural resource of the country, it is managed, used and properly protected by the law.

  • Viet Nam - Household Living Standard Survey 2010

    The VHLSS 2010 was conducted nationwide with a sample size of 69,360 households in 3,133 communes/wards which were representative at national, regional, urban, rural and provinc...

  • Strengthening the voice of the community for informed choices - Land use and land use changes in Central Vietnam

    Oxfam and its local partners have observed the development of a number of agro-forestry enterprises in some project areas. Oxfam shares some community experiences in central pro...

  • Securing Livelihoods and Land Tenure in Rural Myanmar

    The Myanmar government introduced two new land laws in 2012 as part of an effort to liberalize land markets. This report analyzes the implementation of these laws using theory, ...

  • The exclusion of urban poor communities from systematic land registration in Phnom Penh

    This study explores the reasons behind the government’s exclusion of many Phnom Penh urban poor communities (UPCs) from the Systematic Land Registration (SLR) process, and the i...

  • Policy for the poor? Phnom Penh, tenure security and Circular 03

    In May 2010, the Cambodian Government approved a circular on "resolution of temporary settlement on land which has been illegally occupied in the capital, municipal, and urban a...

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