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Last updated January 16, 2018
Created January 16, 2018
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Name Assessing Groundwater Quality by Using Information Thematic Map: Case Study in Phong Dien District, Can Tho City

This research was conducted to evaluating the quality of groundwater and building the geographic information system, building maps of groundwater quality Phong Dien area of Can Tho city in 2007-2016. The study results will make the database for management of groundwater quality in the study area. The steps are taken as follows: (i) collecting of secondary data (2007-2016) of exploit status and groundwater quality monitoring data, investigation, survey, interview people in the study area to collect relevant information about groundwater; (ii) Analysis of data collected in order to assess the quality of groundwater, compared to standard water quality by QCVN 09-MT/BTNMT; and (iii) Application of geographic information system (GIS) to thematic maps, showing monitoring points, interview points, water quality at monitoring points. Results survey that most of the well's floor with mining a capacity Pleistocene floor 120m3/day. From the analytical results of groundwater quality for the annual average value of the parameter: pH, total hardness, Cl-, NO3-, SO42-, Pb, Fe, Hg, As, Mn reached QCVN 09-MT:2015/BTNMT. The annual average value of the parameters color, COD not achieved in some years, the annual average value of Coliform not achieved all years

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