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Contract between the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Leang Hour Hong Import and Export, Agro-Industrial Development and Processing

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries agrees to grant a total land concession of 8 000 hectares located in buffer zone of Roneam Daun Sam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kamrieng, Battambang province for Leang Hour Hong Import and Export, Agro-Industrial Development and Processing to own and use for agro-industrial development and processing. The company signed the contract with 70 years of duration.

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Data Resource Preview - Contract between the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Leang Hour Hong Import and Export, Agro-Industrial Development and Processing

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Geographic area (spatial range)
  • Cambodia
  • Concessions
  • Economic land concessions and plantations
  • Land
  • Public land lease
Document type Land Concession Contract
Contracting Parties
  • Leang Hour Hong Import And Export, Agro-Industry Development And Processing
Government Entity (multiple)
  • Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
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Signature date June 7, 2000

Leang Hour Hong Import Export and Agro-Industrial Development and Processing Address: House# 863, Group 42, Prek Morha Teb village, Svay Bao commune, Battambang province. Tel:(855) 12 530 120, Fax: (855) 053 952 074

Granted area 8000
Contract term unit Years
Guaranty deposit for contract implementation ($) 5000
Land use planning Year1,500 Year2,500 Year3,750 Year4,750 Year5,750 Year6,750 Year7,1000 Year8,1000 Year9,1000 Year10,1000
Land use planning unit Ha
Party's obligation in the implementation of the project

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries:

  • Providing intervention to the relevant institutions in order to address any problems involving those who commit offense and violate the rights of the company in respect of the implementation framework defined in this agreement as to the usage or confiscation of any part of the location.
  • Monitoring: The implementation of the contract of the company, The Environmental impact, and Technical work and the business production program of the company.

The Company:

  • Agreeing to pay the deposit and fee in accordance with article 4 of this contract until the termination
  • Agreeing to be responsible for the expenses of the survey and other related costs involving the coordination and exchange of the said land as stipulated in article 1 and 1.4
  • Operating business production on the actual business area according to the plan stipulated in its technical-economic reports and in the contract
  • Having the right to sell, buy, distribute and circulate all kinds of products both inside and outside the country in accordance with the state’s principles and laws in force and in the interests of the above-mentioned investment
  • Machinery equipment, spare parts and chemical materials that are imported for the purpose of business production will incur additional taxes according to the law of kingdom of Cambodia
  • Allowing the Ministry and relevant institutions to monitor and evaluate its activities regarding environment impact and subsequently following the instruction of the Ministry and relevant institutions as to the protection of the environment.
Job creation summary

In the event that there is no Khmer expert available, the company has right to recruit the local labor force, or foreign experts to educate and train the technical work under the Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Environmental protection obligation
  • Implementing business activities as planned including: forest clearance, road construction, and cultivation and maintenance by following sustainable conditions for natural resources of the location and environmental impact caused by business production.
  • Before clearing the land for the development activities, the investor shall obtain approval from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for the logging, processing or transporting of trees found on the lands and pay royalties and premiums to the Ministry in accordance with the principles and Forestry Law in force.
Socio-cultural protection
  • All constructions of infrastructure, such as dams and canals that may affect to the people and surrounding areas, shall be permitted by government and/or relevant and concerned institutions.
  • Consider in improving the livelihood as well as health and education to its employees; workers and their families by building the suitable houses, hospitals, temples, schools and recreation centers.
Suspension and/or revocation or termination
  • In the event that the company faces a situation beyond its control. The company has the right to withdraw from the whole project or part of the project providing approval for the withdrawal has been received from the Ministry.
  • In the event that the company withdraws without approval, it shall be held responsible according to the Investment Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • In the event that the company fails to implement the activities stipulated in this agreement at the passing of one year starting from the date of agreement, the government shall have the right to terminate the agreement unconditionally and without compensation for damages.
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