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  • Myanmar Protest Event Dataset

    The “Myanmar Protest Event Dataset” aims at collecting data from protest events in Myanmar (the former Burma), which allows pursuing various research projects. The dataset conte...

  • Community’s Voices on the Road Link: the two-lane road with one-way benefit

    To broaden our understanding and get updated information on the project’s development, the Mekong Butterfly had visited and discussed with communities along the Road Link projec...

  • EITI Report for the Period April 2013- March 2014. Oil, Gas and Mining Sector

    Myanmar joined EITI upon instructions from its President at the end of 2012. Myanmar submitted its application to become an ‘EITI Candidate’ country to the EITI Board in May 201...

  • Dawei Special Economic Zone

    Dawei Special Economic Zone is an industrial development project in southern Myanmar. It is one of three SEZs in Myanmar that are designed to attract businesses by lowering envi...

  • New bridge to resolve Thilawa's transport nightmare

    Article on the Bago Bago River bridge.

  • The Law of the Protection of Farmer Rights and Enhancement of their Benefits

    This dataset has no description

  • Motion debate

    Debate for motion proposals in Bago regions.

  • Motion proposal

    Motion proposal by Myanmar parliamentaries in Bago region.

  • Coastal Regions of Myanmar

    This shape file shows the coastal regions of Myanmar. The layer is from the Myanmar Marine Biodiversity Atlas Online. The maps presented there detail Myanmar's physical marine ...

  • Bago region parliamentarians

    Profiles for the Bago region parliamentarians.

  • Bago region committees

    Meeting dates for the Bago region committees.

  • Bill proposals

    Record of committees proposed the new law in Bago region.

  • Myanmar - Solar irradiation and PV power potential maps

    Map with solar irradiation and PV power potential in Myanmar. The GIS data (AAIGRID and GEOTIFF) stems from the Global Solar Atlas ( The link also ...

  • State-owned Economic Enterprise reform in Myanmar

    This report consists of state-owned economic enterprises (SEEs) and how they play a dominant role in Myanmar's economy. SEEs often monitor private sector companies’ compliance w...

  • Attendance of Myanmar parliaments in Bago region

    Record of the Myanmar parliaments attendance for nine sessions from the Bago region.

  • 58 Sub-Basins in Myanmar

    WMS Resources for layers: 58 Sub-Basins in Myanmar

  • Voices from the Ground: Concerns over the Dawei Special Economic Zone and related projects

    This report examines the Dawei Special Economic Zone (DSEZ) project in Southern Myanmar, which, if realized, would be one of the largest petrochemical industrial estates in Sout...

  • bc14a4a2-ffd0-54da-a26b-e86a1a16add7

    A brief introduction to, and summary of the major completed, current and planned hydropower, oil and natural gas, and mining projects in Myanmar that h...

  • SEZs and Value Extraction from the Mekong

    Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have been built worldwide since the 1960s to facilitate global free trade and integrate developing countries into global production and distributio...

  • 37_rivers

    WMS Resources for layers: 37_rivers