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Chuyên đề: Fishing policy and administration

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  • Recruitment practices and migrant labor conditions in Nestlé’s Thai shrimp supply chain

    An assessment of recruitment practices and labor conditions at six sites in Thailand that contribute to fishmeal production in Nestlé's shrimp supply chain. The sites included...

  • Agricultural sector strategic development plan 2014-2018

    A strategic development plan to implement the goals of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), 2014-2018. A policy objective of MAFF is to "increase the...

  • Fishing for influence: Fisheries science and evidence in water resources development in the Mekong basin

    This paper examines the models and assumptions of policy influence that have underpinned the research effort on Mekong capture fisheries, and presents alternative approaches for...

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