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Tên Rice policy study: Implications of rice policy changes in Vietnam for Cambodia’s rice policy and rice producers in southeastern provinces (Khmer)
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This​ policy​ study​ explains​ the​ impact​ of​ Vietnamese's​ agricultural​ policy​ on​ Cambodia's​ rice​ policy​ as​ well​ as​ the​ livelihood​ of​ the​ rice​ producers.​ Recent​ shifting​ from​ high​ yields​ of​ low​ quality​ rice​ to​ lower​ yields​ of​ high​ quality​ rice​ has​ changed​ the​ rice​ export​ structure.​ The​ export​ structure​ will​ have​ bad​ impacts​ on​ Cambodian​ farmers​ who​ depend​ on​ rice​ cultivating​ as​ the​ primary​ source​ of​ their​ incomes.

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  • Tiếng Khmer