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[Draft] Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Stung Pursat 1 hydroelectric project (80MV) in Veal Veng district Pursat province (BOT)

KTC Cable was registered in Seoul, South Korea on August 2005 and focus on electric and optical wire production for all telecommunication network. In 2006 this company received the ISO 9001-2008. This company joined the investment with K-water Turben Investment, a Korean company and Sinohydro, a Chinese company to develop a Pursat 1 hydropower with the capacity of 80 Mw and technical advice by Hyundia Engineering.

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  • Campuchia
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  • Hydropower dams
  • SDG7 Affordable and Clean Energy
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  • KTC Cable Co.,Ltd
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  • Minister of Mines and Energy
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Job creation summary

The company plans to employ the staff during the construction, transmission and substation for 4 years: 400 people (300 Cambodians and 100 foreigners).

Environmental protection obligation

The company has developed and set up a number of environmental management plans such as monitoring institutions, training programs and monitoring programs to monitor the implementation of environmental protection measures to mitigate and reduce negative environmental impacts to ensure the sustainability of the management of natural and social resources.

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Environmental fund summary

For 35 years, the company has allocated USD 826,400 for social and environmental funds (USD 667,680 for environmental funds and USD 158,800 for social funds). Environmental funds will be used for tree planting, community forest conservation, forestry and fisheries conservation, and social funds will be used in village and commune budgets.

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