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Chuyên đề: SDG13 Climate Action

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  • Rainfall stations

    This dataset reveals 98 locations of hydro-meteorological stations disperse in 18 provinces in Cambodia.

  • Rainfall estimates from rain gauge and satellite observations (CHIRPS pentad dataset)

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  • Sub-decree No.228 on the establishment of Boeung Karde multiple use area

    This sub-decree shows the establishment of Boeung Karde multiple-use areas with an area of ​​1,643 (one thousand six hundred and forty-three) hectares in the geographical...

  • USAID GREENING PREY LANG Northern Plains Landscape REDD+ Feasibility Assessment

    The Northern Plains Landscape (NPL) of Cambodia encompasses the intersection of natural habitat, biodiversity, and people. A woven system of critical forests and wetlands, the...

  • Air Quality: Carbon Monoxide

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  • Law on disaster management

    The objective of this law is to manage the disaster in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

  • Earthquake Disaster Areas in Thailand

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  • Shifting Cultivation in Myanmar’s REDD+ Development: A review of three REDD+ program documents

    This report provides a review of shifting cultivation across three Myanmar REDD+ programme documents. The initial background study on drivers of deforestation concluded that...

  • Metallic and Non Metallic Mining Development Potential Index

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  • Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) in Mekong Region

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  • Death attribute to particulate matter (PM) air pollution in Cambodia (1990 - 2019)

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  • Floods in Thailand

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  • Global Drought Monitoring: Agricultural Stress Index (ASI)

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  • Climate change vulnerability mapping for greater Mekong sub-region

    It is well recognized that the impacts of climate change pose a serious threat to socio-economic, environment, and people’s livelihoods,particularly those in developing...

  • Vulnerability to climate hazards

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  • The climate change response handbook for NGOs' staff and relevant institutions

    This handbook is intended to assist NGOs' staff and government agencies in training their partners on the causes, impacts, and responses to the climate change.

  • Thay đổi nhiệt độ các trạm quan trắc ở Việt Nam 2002-2017

    Dữ liệu cung cấp thông tin về nhiệt độ các trạm quan trắc tại Việt Nam từ tháng 1 đến tháng 12 và xuyên suốt từ năm 2002 đến năm 2007.

  • Indigenous women and climate change

    Out of the approximate 370 million total indigenous peoples in the world, 185 million are estimated to be women. Indigenous peoples are disproportionately suffering from a...

  • Circular No. 08 on the flood preparedness and response

    The purpose of this Circular is to advise the relevant ministries, institutions and local authorities to take necessary measures to prepare for the upcoming flood, which caused...

  • Cambodia’s Voluntary National Review 2019: On the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

    In the last forty years, Cambodia has made enormous progress in recovering from protracted conflict and genocide, and the accompanying blows to the country’s social and economic...

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