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Chuyên đề: Legal education for the public

Kết quả lọc
  • Integrating natural resource management initiative (INRM)

    A presentation on integrating natural resource management practices across NGO work in multiple provinces in Laos. Includes information about the Clinical Legal Education office...

  • Legal briefing: How international law applies to the Don Sahong Dam

    A legal briefing on how international law applies to the Don Sahong Dam. The Government of Laos proceeded with the Don Sahong Dam after claiming it was only required under the...

  • Hierarchy of laws in Cambodia

    This fact sheet provides an overview of the hierarchy of laws in Cambodia and highlights the fact that legal instruments are often misused, thereby jeopardizing the principle of...

  • Structure of the legal documents of Vietnam

    Diagramatic explanation of the hierarchy of legal documents in Vietnam. The diagram shows which organisations author various documents, and summarises the documents' functions.

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