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Chuyên đề: Minimum wage

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  • National profile on occupational safety and health Myanmar

    A national profile on occupational safety and health in Myanmar, published by the Labor Ministry's factories and general labor laws inspection department, Myanmar.

  • Labor and employment regulatory framework in Myanmar

    An analysis by William D. Greenlee, Jr. on labor and employment regulatory framework in Myanmar. Published in Yangon, Myanmar, by the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand,...

  • Báo cáo về thị trường việc làm và lao động, Quý III năm 2017

    Ngày 24 tháng 10 năm 2016, Tổng cục trưởng Tổng cục Thống kê đã ban hành Quyết định số 719/QĐ-TCTK về Điều tra Lao động trong năm 2017 kèm theo Kế hoạch điều tra. Mục đích của c...

  • Laos Minimum Wage

    This webpage provides information on the minimum wage in Laos, how it compares to that of other countries, and other facts and statistics about the country.

  • Global wage report 2014/15: Wages and income inequality

    The Global wage report 2014/15 presents both the latest trends in average wages and an analysis of the role of wages in income inequality. The first part of the report shows...

  • A chance in Myanmar induced by the minimum wage policy in Thailand, a case study of Myawaddy industrial area

    This paper discusses the possible effects of Thailand’s minimum wage rise on the industrial area located inside the Myanmar border. The authors compare this to the maquila...

  • Six-month report on the situation of Cambodian migrant workers in Klong Yai District, Trat, Thailand

    A report summarising the situation and issues faced both at work and in the communities by Cambodian migrants in one district in Thailand. The report provides demographic and...

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