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ASEAN Guidelines on the Promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Practices

The establishment of the ASEAN Climate Resilience Network, and the preparation of this document were fundamentally linked. This Guideline is the product of several research initiatives of the ASEAN-CRN in its early stage, as described in the introduction section of this book. Hence, the process behind the formation of the ASEAN Climate Resilience Network and the finalization of this document, which includes the endorsement of the ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry, is a collaboration of many. This document is divided into 3 sections. An introduction to the formation of the ASEAN Climate Resilience Network--which is in effect, the author of this guiding document--and the objectives of this compilation of guidelines, are firstly given. The Guidelines are then further divided into: 1. a regional cooperation guideline, or how ASEAN Member States can efficiently conduct south-south knowledge exchange to promote climate smart agriculture practices; and 2. Technical Guidelines on five selected practices.

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