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Cambodia trade integration strategy 2019 - 2023

The​ report​ focuses​ on​ the​ Cambodia's​ trade​ situation​ and​ strategy​ for​ 2019​ to​ 2023.​ It's​ divided​ into​ 12​ different​ chapters​ including​ (1)​ trade​ policy​ and​ regional​ integration,​ (2)​ LDC​ graduation,​ trade​ competitiveness,​ quality​ of​ growth​ and​ SDGs,​ (3)​ the​ challenges​ of​ education​ and​ skills​ training​ for​ tomorrow's​ labor​ market,​ (4)​ trade​ facilitation,​ (5)​ trade​ logistics​ development,​ (6)​ competitiveness,​ business​ climate,​ trade​ finance​ and​ intellectual​ property​ rights,​ (7)​ quality​ infrastructure​ and​ standards,​ (8)​ agri-business​ value​ chains​ for​ export​ enhancement,​ (9)​ light​ industries​ for​ export​ diversification​ and​ enhancement,​ (10)​ services​ trade,​ (11)​ e-commerce,​ and​ (12)​ digital​ transformation​ and​ industry​ 4.0.

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