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Current Fisheries and Aquaculture Policies Relevant to RFLP in Viet Nam

The Fisheries sector is a significant contribution to the economy of Vietnam, the export value in 2008 was US$ 4.509 billion. The natural resources, particularly inshore fisheries are considered to be over-exploited with many high valued fish resources have declined to low levels. To reduce fishing pressure in coastal areas, many programs have been promoted by the Government including offshore fisheries, aquaculture development, services on sea development and infrastructure development. The offshore fishing vessels under Government’s offshore fishing program are supported by a credit scheme for boat construction, upgrading of fishing vessels and offshore fishing services. Considered one of the major alternative activities to diversify income for coastal communities, the aquaculture sector has received increasingly strong support under Government of Vietnam policy over the past 20 years. The main focus has been on the establishment of infrastructure for aquaculture development, and to convert saline paddy fields, low lying land, land used for salt production, flooded land, and other unproductive lands to aquaculture. In addition, Government policy has supported fishers and farmers in isolated areas through credit schemes.

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