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A volume of writings from graduates of EarthRights Mekong School, a training program for civil society advocates from the Mekong Region whose work focuses on human rights and the environment. The papers look at the impacts of large-scale infrastructure projects, and how citizens are engaged in advocating for more equitable development in the Mekong region. In the first section, authors investigate community complaints regarding negative impacts from Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank funded projects, and make recommendations to strengthen international financial institution safeguard policies. The second chapter examines the threats posed by the series of hydropower dams currently planned and under construction. The final chapter is a survey of problems related to resettlement in the wake of large dams, with a look at how civil society groups are advocating for policy reform.

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Data Resource Preview - I Want to Eat Fish. I Cannot Eat Electricity Public Participation in Mekong Basin Development

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