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Guide to biodiversity in the farmscapes of Lao PDR (Lao version)

A Lao translation of a handbook about farmscape biodiversity in Laos. The handbook is intended to provide a brief overview of the special habitats in each region of the country and the important functions of these habitats. The guide focuses exclusively on farmscape biodiversity and not on natural ecosystems. The guide covers the importance of biodiversity for agriculture, provides an overview of agro-biodiversity in various regions of Laos, and describes major agro-biodiversity farmscapes. Finally, the authors discuss major threats to agro-biodiversity in Laos, and offer recommendations to farmers and planners. English version also available.

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Data Resource Preview - Guide to biodiversity in the farmscapes of Lao PDR (Lao version)

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  • Agricultural production
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  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
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Nhà xuất bản IUCN Laos
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