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Health Sector Reform Strategy and Framework till 2025 [Lao PDR]

The HSR Framework is the guiding document to the implementation of the HSR Strategy with policy matrix and strategic planning matrix. The matrix provide a legal and action framework for action planning of the implementation at central, provincial and district level, under the Three Build principle. The development process of this Framework is country led, with close consultation between all related departments of MOH, line ministries, development partners (DPs) and international experts invited through WHO and JICA to provide technical supports for each of the priority areas. A team of technical focal points from related entities within the MOH is appointed by the Minister to be fully responsible for the technical contents of the framework. The team work together with development partners under coordination by the Department of Planning and International Cooperation (DPIC) of MOH.

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Data Resource Preview - Health Sector Reform Strategy and Framework till 2025

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