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Myanmar Business Environment Index: COVID-19 Impact on Businesses

Published by: The Asia Foundation

Apart from direct health impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the crisis and measures to combat it have hit the economy hard. In Myanmar, as part of the Myanmar Business Environment Index (MBEI) project, The Asia Foundation conducted a survey of 750 businesses to see what kind of impact Covid-19 is having on them. The crisis has impacted business operations, sales, profitability, and cash flow. Survey results indicate the virus has put business survival at risk; how businesses have responded by laying off employees, taking out loans, or applying measures to protect their employees and customers; and how businesses have thus far benefited from government support. Additionally, the study looks at the impact of Covid-19 on key aspects of the business environment including electricity, internet, and crime. The report includes a summary of findings from the survey as well as statistical tables of the results.

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