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Data Collection Survey on Agriculture Sector in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar (hereinafter referred to as “Myanmar”), after experiencing a period of military administration since a democratic movement in 1988, enacted new constitution through a national vote held in May 2008 for self-democratization and held a general election in November 2010, thus a new administrative regime started headed by the President U Thein Sein. Under strong leadership by the President, the regime has initiated and promoted renovation/ revolution of various sectors in order to further push democratization forward. Such state efforts have facilitated increase in foreign support and investment as recently seen, thereby remarkable change has brought about in state economic development.In the light of such a situation, Japanese Government has reviewed the hitherto principles/ guidelines of economic cooperation toward Myanmar, thereby launched new economic cooperation platform consisting of three-tier pillars, namely, “support for improving livelihood of population (inclusive of assistance to ethnic minorities and poverty prone strata, agricultural development, area development), “support for capacity development as well as institutional consolidation of human resources sustaining economy and society (inclusive of that for promoting democratization), and “support for infrastructure and institutional improvement required for sustainable economic growth”, as consulted in premier conference held in April 2012. As a result, such an outstanding change has been brought in surrounding political/ diplomatic environment as a positive movement toward resumption of Japanese ODA toward Myanmar. Taking such torrential change in political/ social situations into consideration, necessity of review has arisen from this situational change on the future status and direction of cooperation in agricultural sector by JICA. In this context, it has become essential to elucidate and analyze newly and successively created policies and legal institutions related to agriculture, current state of ever-changing production and marketing of agricultural products.

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Data Resource Preview - Data Collection Survey on Agriculture Sector in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

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