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Contract farming in ASEAN Countries: a fact finding study

This fact finding study was carried out for Oxfam Novib to better understand the role of contract farming in poverty alleviation in ASEAN countries. The literature study is guided by a set of questions provided by Oxfam Novib. 1. What forms does contract farming take (recent FAO literature identifies amongst others three categories: nucleus-plasma, input-credit with a sales mandate, and on demand at a fixed price)? 2. On what scale is contract farming practised and how is it organised in the region? 3. In what specific commodities, countries, agribusiness sectors seems contract farming relatively more prominent? 4. Is contract farming spreading or diminishing over time? 5. What is the impact of public or direct investment on contract farming? 6. What activities are taking place to promote contract farming? 7. Is there a link between contract farming, empowerment and improved export performance? 8. What are commercial motivations behind contract farming (business models and/or business-related motivations)? 9. What best practices exist on contract farming in SE Asia (i.e. cases that show evidence that small farmers (rural livelihoods) benefited from the practice)? 10. What are the negative impacts of contract farming schemes in SE Asia?

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