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1931 Burma Population Census

Part I.—The Report. Introduction. Chapter I.—Distribution and Variation of the Population. II.—Towns and Villages. III.—Birth-place. IV—Age. V.—Sex. VI.—Civil Condition. VII.—Infirmities. VIII.—Occupation. IX.—Literacy. X.—Language. XI.—Religion- XII.—Race. Appendix A.—Burma Linguistic Map. B.—Burma Racial Map. C.—A Note on the Indigenous Races of Burma. D.—Notes by the Special Census Enumerators on the Manners and Customs of the Tribes inhabiting certain Hill-Tracts in the Akyab District. E.—Naga Tribes and their Customs. F.—Note on the Peoples of Burma in the 12th—13th Century A.D. Part II.—The Tables. - Imperial Tables. I.—Area, Houses and Population. II.—Variation in Population during last fifty years. III.—Towns and Village-Tracts classified by Population. IV.—Towns classified by Population with variation for fifty years. V.—Towns arranged territorially with Population by Religion. VI.—Birth-place. VII.—Age, Sex and Civil Condition by Race. VIII.—Civil Condition by Age for Selected Races. IX.—Infirmities. X.—Occupation or Means of Livelihood. XI.—Occupations by Race. XII.—(This table was not compiled,) XIII.—Literacy by Race and Age. XIV.—Literacy by Selected Races. XV.—Language. XVI.—Religion. XVII—Race. XVIII.—'Variation of Population of Race-groups. XIX.—European and Allied Races and Anglo-Indians by Race and Age.

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