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New Species Discoveries in 2020 in the Greater Mekong

The Greater Mekong region is one of planet Earth’s most important biodiversity hotspots, highlighted by the endless number of new species discovered there every year. The region’s biodiversity richness is a result of its complex geological and climatic history, and its diverse landscapes, including extensive karstic regions. Only by using different methods, including comparing physical characteristics and performing molecular analyses, can researchers determine the true dimensions of this partly hidden biodiversity.

High species richness and ongoing discovery rates also underscore the conservation importance of the Greater Mekong region and its unique inhabitants. To record this treasure trove of biodiversity before it is completely lost, we must accelerate our work and strengthen international cooperation. Greater support is required for local and early-career scientists and conservationists to establish and expand international collaborations, because such networks help to record biodiversity more quickly.

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Data Resource Preview - New Species Discoveries in 2020 in the Greater Mekong

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