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Sector Wide Impact Assessment of Limestone, Gold and Tin Mining in Myanmar

This sector-wide impact assessment (SWIA) on limestone, gold and tin mining in Myanmar analyses the impacts of mining of these commodities on the environment, local communities and workers. It covers sector-wide, cumulative and project-level impacts, looking at both the formal and informal parts of the sector. Recommendations are made to the Myanmar Government, businesses, civil society, ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) and other governments on how adverse impacts of the mining sector can be avoided and addressed, and how positive impacts can be maximised. By outlining key findings from the extensive fieldwork undertaken for the assessment and making concrete recommendations, the assessment seeks to contribute to building a platform for dialogue about how Myanmar’s mining sector can be shaped to contribute to poverty reduction and development.

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Data Resource Preview - Sector Wide Impact Assessment of Limestone, Gold and Tin Mining in Myanmar

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Đồng tác giả (cá nhân) Nora Götzmann, Elin Wrzoncki, and Ida Jøker Krog
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