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The 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census: Thegon Township Report

This report details population and socioeconomic statistics of Thegon township. This report is a series of Township level reports published as part of the 2014 Population and Housing Census.The 2014 Population and Housing Census - the country’s first national census in 30 years – was undertaken by the Ministry of Immigration and Population with technical support from UNFPA between 30th March and 10th April 2014. 110,000 enumerators visited over 12 million households to gather data to provide social, economic and demographic characteristics of people and households for the purpose of on-going reforms, development planning and good governance. The results will be made public progressively as each stage of analysis is completed. Further information is available through http://www.dop.gov.mm/moip/ and http://countryoffice.unfpa.org/myanmar/census/

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Data Resource Preview - Thegon Township Report

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