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Vision 2030 and Ten-year Socio-Economic Development Strategy (2016-2025)

Vison until 2030 aims Lao PDR to become a developing country with upper-middle income and with innovative, green and sustainable economic growth; there is availability of industrial pillars and a strong basic infrastructure system to support industrialization and modernization; the country systematically follows a socialist market economy; there is social justice, peace and order; peoples livelihoods are improved and solidarity promoted; there are improved development disparities between urban and rural areas; there is improved human development that ensures all have access to quality social services; peoples rights are protected under the effective rule of law, the administrative system is enhanced by following the 3-builds directive; there is environmental protection through efficient utilization of the natural resources to ensure sustainability; there is political stability and strength; the country is actively moving toward regional and international integration. The ten-year strategy takes account of the strategy to graduate from LDC status by 2020 and the strategy for the transition period of LDC graduation by 2025.

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