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Webpage capture of the L.Y.P. Group Co., Ltd. corporate social responsibility summary in four years

The webpage capture of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) for L.Y.P. Group Co., Ltd. has listed activities that relate to assisting and solving problems with local people, including solving the land issues, development program, and charity. In each activity, the company website states more details about their implementation of principles.

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Data Resource Preview - Webpage capture of the company profile of L.Y.P Group Co., Ltd

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L.Y.P. Group Co., Ltd.

Mail address: #205-209, Mao Tse Tung Boulevard, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: +855 (23) 213 314 - 319 Fax +855 (23) 220 925 Email: info@lypgroup.com Website: www.lypgroup.com

Tác giả (tổ chức) L.Y.P. Group Co., Ltd.
Nhà xuất bản L.Y.P. Group Co., Ltd.
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Link to the source: http://www.lypgroup.com/csr.php Link to the archived webpage: https://archive.fo/GKk9i

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