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1st ODI Virtual Meetup: Data Storytelling and Literacy during the Pandemic

ODI developed the open data portal ODM to increase the data ecosystem in the region, specifically to increase evidence-based decision making based upon reliable and accurate data. We are a leader in setting open data standards and digitization of data online in Asia. But we noticed capacities for data literacy were low - so to increase the use of data for greater decision making in the region the data literacy initiative was initiated in 2019. Starting in Myanmar.

This meetup is intended to reflect on this work over the years and to learn from the approaches taken within each of the Mekong country contexts.

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Data Resource Preview - Trainer’s Perspective and Experiences on Data Literacy and Data Storytelling in the Mekong Region

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Materials and proceedings of the Meetup can be accessed freely via our CKAN. Any inquiries, feel free to contact us: contact@ewmi-odi.org

Phiên bản/Lần xuất bản 2021
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Đồng tác giả (tổ chức) Open Development Mekong and national team members
Nhà xuất bản Open Development Initiative (ODI)
Ngày xuất bản 2021
Các từ khóa Data Storytelling,Data Literacy,ODI Virtual Meetup
Ngày đăng tải tháng 6 14, 2021, 08:26 (UTC)
Ngày chỉnh sửa, cập nhật tháng 2 10, 2022, 04:17 (UTC)