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Briefing: Linking FLEGT and REDD+

This briefing discusses the overlaps and opportunities for collaboration between the FLEGT and REDD+ initiatives. It identifies the six key areas in which FLEGT and REDD+ can support each other and considers the approaches that FLEGT and REDD+ policymakers and practitioners can take to achieve more effective collaboration.

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Data Resource Preview - Briefing: Linking FLEGT and REDD+

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  • Tiếng Anh
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  • Deforestation drivers
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  • Forest protection
  • Logging and timber
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  • Campuchia
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Tác giả (tổ chức) Proforest
Đồng tác giả (tổ chức) European Forest Institute, EU Officials
Nhà xuất bản European Forest Institute, Proforest
Ngày xuất bản 2014
Các từ khóa FLEGT,REDD+,Voluntary partnership agreement,Collaboration,Deforestation,Illegal logging,Timber trade,Forest governance,V4MF
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