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The Mekong and Women in Northern Thailand

Local knowledge of the Mekong River Basin is important to determine their own destiny and the Mekong River ecosystem. No one will know and love the Mekong River more than the local people. But we still lack a lot of local knowledge which will start to fade away. The collection of local knowledge shows the ownership of local resources of the people who live with the Mekong River for many generations. Also, it is valuable to solve the Mekong River problem and the environmental problems that have occurred around the world. These are likely to fluctuate, difficult to predict in advance, and will create impacts for many decades ahead. Documenting local knowledge is therefore necessary to hand over it to the next generation. Local people need to prepare to build a strong community based on local wisdom that has been created and inherited from generation to generation.

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Đồng tác giả (cá nhân) Teerapong Poman and Arita Ratchathani
Số ISBN 978-616-598-439-3
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Nhà xuất bản Mekong Community Institute: MCI
Ngày xuất bản 2023
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Original link: http://www.mekongci.org/images/publication/book-Mekong-n-northern-women.pdf

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