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Worldwide Governance Indicators - Myanmar 1996-2016

The Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) are a research dataset summarizing the views on the quality of governance provided by a large number of enterprise, citizen and expert survey respondents in industrial and developing countries. These data are gathered from a number of survey institutes, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and private sector firms. The WGI do not reflect the official views of the World Bank, its Executive Directors, or the countries they represent. The WGI are not used by the World Bank Group to allocate resources.

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Miền Giá trị
Loại tài liệu Reports, journal articles, and research papers (including theses and dissertations)
Ngôn ngữ
  • Tiếng Anh
Chủ đề
  • Forest policy and administration
  • Industries
  • Investment policy and regulations
  • Logging and timber
  • National government
  • Public and administrative legal services
Vùng địa lý (phạm vi không gian)
  • Myanmar
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Tác giả (tổ chức) World Bank
Nhà xuất bản World Bank
Ngày xuất bản 2017
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